Food Lovers Guide to long term weight loss-part 1

In our world of fast food and fried chicken it is hard to see the forest
through the trees.

What foods should you eat?

When given a choice between two or more food options how do you know if you are making the right one?

And why is it that your waistline would much rather expand than shrink? 

What should you eat? Here we are going to give you general guideline to healthy alternatives that do not promote fat storage.

The bascs: Lets get one thing right! Each meal that you consume needs to have calories coming from protein, carbohydrates and fat. These are your energy sources.

Your body needs each of these in differen amounts throughout the day

Here’s a typical example, when you take in a meal such as cereal the calories are going to be something along the lines of 90% carbohydrate 5% fat and 5% protein. Your body is going to digest it very fast! So you going to start craving again soon.

In addition to ths you are not active enough or your metabolism is slow already you are more likely to store a percentage of the carbs as fat.

Now hold your horses…

Don’t go and cut all the carbs out of your meals just yet. We all saw what
the low carb craze did for the country. People actually got fatter! Cutting carbs could cause a whole new “house of cards” effect and your body will once again go into fat storage mode. Believe me, you don’t want that. (Unless you are doing a controlled Keto diet)

 The food-filled word around us may be intimidating, but weight loss
success can be achieved quite easily. Most likely the food choices that you make daily could be tweaked to promote weight loss rather than weight gain. Check out the following practical guide that will train you to make the best possible food choice—one that will shrink your waist.

Use the following list to exchange foods from your current diet for ones
that are healthier and leaner. Your waist will only get smaller because of it!

Eat this: Whole, natural foods Instead of: processed packaged foods 
Eat this: Almonds   Instead of: sugar-laden, trans fats snacks
Eat this: Fruit   Instead of: Soda, juice, candy
Eat this: Nuts   Instead of: Chips, cookies, donuts, cake
Eat this: Vegetables  Instead of: Anything fried
Eat this: Green Tea  Instead of: Coffee, soda, sweet beverages
Eat this: Lean meat  Instead of: fatty meat, or high-sodium meat
Eat this: Full fat dairy  Instead of: low fat dairy, or ice cream…just reduce portion size if goal is to lose weight
Eat this: Water  Instead of: Coffee, soda, sweet beverages…. add fresh fruit pieces to flavour water if needed
Eat this: Raw Vegetables  Instead of: Bread and butter
Eat this: Extra Vegetables  Instead of: Extra serving of bread or potato
Eat this: Oatmeal   Instead of: donut, pastry, sugary cereal
Eat this: Lean stir fry or steamed  Instead of: fried Chinese food
Eat this: Grilled, baked, broiled meat Instead of: battered, deep fried meat
Eat this: Low sugar yogurt   Instead of: Sugary yogurt or ice cream
Eat this: Sugar free natural food  Instead of: sweetened food
Eat this: Unsweetened ice tea Instead of: Coffee, soda, sweet beverages

Do you have any more suggestions to add the above list? Or is there a particular food that you are not sure about? Let us know below

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